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Being a startup company you need work on your brand identity as much as possible. This is basic time where you have to work harder to do all brand activations and make people know about your company. We are multinational software setting up our new office at Sydney. This time we are about to participate in an Information Technology Exhibition and give our presentations about who we are and what we are about to. The only one question which was disturbing me was about the brand recall that what attenders should take away with them along with our business card which evoke them again and again. Thankfully with Identity Direct voucher code I got loads of creative options which could fulfill my wish.

They are labels and engravings on wooden pieces are so fascinating and appealing to eyes. So we set a meeting with our marketing personnel to make a marketing budget and figure out the ROI on this deal. According to our statistics, the more a brand is recalled in clients mind the more he will search out for that company and will be more curious. We decided to give orders for customizable mugs and calendars.

Well, keeping in mind our main idea of brand awareness, we asked the Identity Direct team to put logo of our company on one face of the mug and an inspirational quote of our company reflecting our motto, which says, “No road is long when you are in a good company.” By this we mean that our culture is really open to newness with creativity and we don’t stay back in appreciating that novelty.

They put our whole idea on the mug and it looked the super cool. The second idea was to make calendars in which different picture regarding our product will posted. And some chunks of words would describing their benefits. The whole thing was done very nice and in corporate look.

We find their services to be the best and even if look at their page they variety of stuff which could be customized in a very distinguish manner. Afterwards we approached them again for our office address label and stamps. They also created wooden pieces for us which we gave to employees at the end of our first 6 months and they not only liked it but got motivated too. Not only corporate they can make anything and everything customized for anyone.

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